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Aging Gracefully

As a boomer, Bertram Furman gets it. As he engages in his own path of aging, he uses the knowledge he has learned over 20+ years of practice to help himself and his patients maintain the active, engaged and high quality of life we desire. More about aging gracefully 

Chronic & Acute Pain

Long-term pain can be difficult, affecting all parts of your life. Chinese Medicine’s success with treating both chronic and acute pain are well known and, for many people, their first choice. More about acute and chronic pain 

Internal Medicine

Chinese Medicine is not just for treating pain. Chinese Medicine has thousands of years of success treating acute and chronic internal medicine issues. In fact, internal medicine for chronic health issues may be the strongest point for this type of medicine. More about internal medicine 

Women's Wellness

The complexity and quantity of health issues facing women can be enormous. Many times, Western medicine does not have the answer. Whether it be issues with fertility, menstrual cycles or musculature, Chinese Medicine may have the answer to helping you live a healthy, active and engaged life. More about women’s wellness

Your Whole Health

This is really what we’re looking for, isn’t it? To think that our health is made up of isolated issues is wrong. Our bodies, emotions and spirits all play a part in our ongoing health and development, and ongoing mental happiness. Chinese Medicine looks at a person as a whole being, making it a perfect medicine for someone wanting whole health. More about your whole health 

What Else Can Chinese Medicine Help?

Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system treating everything from colds and flus, sprains and strains, to difficult-to-define disorders. The tools used are Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. Both having thousands of years of use and success. More about a complete medical system 

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