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You can have Great digestion!

Good digestion is the access to

GREAT health!

Many health issues surrounding digestion—such as bad digestion, poor digestion, stomach pain, nausea after eating, and intestinal issues—can be helped with proper diet and lifestyle. For many, this is the key. Why? Because with food comes chemistry. Providing a different chemistry that may be more in line with our body’s needs can alter how our bodies react to this chemistry for good digestion.

I think the problem is there is so much information about how you “should” eat, the discussion gets diluted and it’s harder to weed out the more important information that could make a difference. If there is one thing I have learned in my 20+ years of practice, it is that no two people are alike. What works for one person may not work for another. One thing I like about Chinese Medicine for digestion is that the diagnoses are typically very individualized, giving us a path to a beneficial treatment plan that is customized for that particular patient.

That said, there are 5 timeless rules that I have found always work and are always important.

Eat whole foods instead of processed foods.

Enough cannot be said for this rule. Remember we talked about chemistry? The chemistry in processed foods does not fit our body’s chemistry for digestion. Subsequent to this is how these chemicals react in the body. Over time, these reactions can be the cause of many illnesses, both mental and physical. The bottom line is, synthetic foods are destructive to our bodies’ internal systems.  

Eat more plants then animals.

With the exception of those who are dealing with serious medical issues, I believe that some animal products can be helpful for some people. If you do eat animal products, please get the hormone- and chemical-free versions. As I mentioned in my first rule, our bodies are not designed to break down the hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals used to grow meat.

For many people, animal products do not digest well and can cause other long-term health issues, such as heart disease and cancer. Plants were designed by some great creator to give our bodies all the nutrients they need. Think nutrient dense. Our bodies are designed for eating plants. It’s a good relationship. This is why plant-based whole food lifestyles can help improve digestion.

Keep your meals simple.

I know you have felt this. You go out to a really nice restaurant for that special occasion and you order something fancy. Next day or even a few hours after, your stomach is rebelling. Our bodies were not designed to digest and separate too many mixed chemicals. It’s a complicated issue to separate the clear nutrients from the unclear. Eating simple helps the body digest, break down and send the nutrients to be used. I believe in what I call the “Dog Theory,” which I explain in this quick 1-minute video:

Only supplement when needed.

For most people, supplements are not needed. If the person would simplify and clean up their diet, their digestion would reflect that and they would feel great. Supplements and micro-nutrition are not really all that powerful if someone is not doing the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Supplements are not going to keep you healthy. Start with the basics. If you’re not feeling better with the basics, then get help. Plus, many people take too many supplements, which in itself can cause digestive issues. I refer back to my Dog Theory video!

Don’t rush, and don’t eat too much.

I know you have heard this many times. Don’t fill your stomach. Allow some space for churning and digestion to happen. This takes stopping before you are full. Find a way to manage how much you eat. Use a smaller plate, cook less food, and get your to-go box before you start eating. Eating less always helps digestion. Smaller meals are just easier to digest!

Following these 5 simple rules can greatly reduce stomach pain and help poor digestion.

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