Our Mission

The Wellness Source’s mission is to educate and serve with integrity, helping people build and enjoy optimal and sustainable health.

Get the Help You Need

To achieve optimal, sustainable health

The Wellness Source was created to help people achieve optimum and sustainable health. We provide in-depth primary healthcare using both traditional and contemporary methods to help our patients attain health and wellness. There are many reasons why you should choose The Wellness Source as your Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Bertram Furman, L.Ac. has been in practice in San Diego since 1996

  • Uses gentle, competent and effective techniques.
  • Has helped thousands of patients.
  • Understands a wide variety of problems.
  • Successfully works with difficult cases.
  • Offers Metagenics Clear Change™ Program

“Personalized Care” Acupuncture and Wellness Programs

  • Private rooms
  • Our full attention
  • Proper and up-to-date equipment
  • Natural pharmacy that’s well-stocked with top-quality supplements and herbs
  • Ability to write classic Chinese formulas

Natural Pharmacy

Our natural pharmacy is well stocked with top quality supplements and herbs from companies such as Metagenics, Evergreen and Kan. We also have the capability to write classic Chinese formulas.


Everything is easy

The Wellness Source…

  • Accepts many types of insurance; we’ll check your coverage and bill your insurance company for you.
  • Offers workers compensation services.
  • Provides blood, urine and saliva testing to better understand your case
  • Has a centrally-located Hillcrest acupuncture clinic with free off-street parking.
  • Provides a free consultation so you can meet us before committing to a treatment plan.

Our clients love us.

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