Acupuncture helps Neck Pain!

These days I see tons of neck pain in my clinic, and of course, acupuncture helps neck pain! I believe more than I saw 5 years ago. Just look around and it will be obvious why there is so much neck pain. We are on our computers for most of the day looking down, and we are looking down at our phones the rest of the day! Really, in the old days, injuries were because you were attacked by a tiger or fell off a cliff. Today injuries are caused by sitting at a desk. Acupuncture for neck pain, lower back pain, wrist pain are some of the top pain-related treatments we provide in our acupuncture clinic.

Western medicine often does not help

One of the reasons we see so much of this is that Western medicine just does not have the fix. Yes, you can get pain pills to mask the pain, which can be helpful. You can go for physical therapy to learn some exercises you can do at home. But for many people, these do not fix the problem or reduce the pain.

As you can imagine, the first defense is to make sure your computer stations are designed so you are not looking down. Your chin should be level, eyes looking straight ahead or slightly up. There are many products on the market designed to help raise your laptop or monitor. The other big offender is the cell phone. How many times a day do you look down at your phone? If you’re looking “down” at your phone, over time the weight of your head looking down will have an effect on your cervical (neck) musculature. We experience this as pain.

painless acupunctureUse acupuncture to get relief from neck pain

I believe and it has been my experience that acupuncture for neck pain can be one of the best ways to find relief. Of course this needs to be combined with improved ergonomics so that the problem will not be on-going. Insertion of acupuncture needles into trigger points tells the clenching muscles to let go. The repeated acupuncture brings circulation to remove the inflammation and swelling associated with neck pain. Increased circulation also brings nutrients to help the muscle rebuild and be pain free.

Acute muscle strains in the neck are also treated in much the same way, by bringing circulation to heal and reduce the neck pain. The quicker muscle strains are treated, the fewer treatments are usually needed, depending on the severity of the injury.

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