I was recently interviewed on KUSI’s weekend morning show, a local San Diego television station, discussing Chinese medicine and acupuncture  (see video below). The segment starts with an important statement that is Cleveland Clinic, one the largest hospitals in the United States has started using Chinese Herbs in their integrative medicine clinic.  This is big news because most integrative medical clinics are using acupuncture, but haven’t made the leap to using the Chinese Herbology.

While western medicine is well known for treating infections and acute issues, many chronic issues have been difficult to treat.  I think this is where Chinese medicine shines.  Cleveland Clinic is doing this because some of their patients need more than what western medicine has to offer, and need help. Medical establishments have to start looking outside their box. Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years and has been shown to be effective.  Health issues such as chronic pain, infertility, menstrual disorders, headaches and stress are the typical presentations the Cleveland Clinic is working with and they are very progressive to use these herbs.

One of many people’s concerns is whether herbs are safe. Chinese herbs have not been researched as much as pharmaceuticals, however, with more programs like these, funding will become more available to show their efficacy.

The formulas being used by the Cleveland Clinic are typically what are known as “A” grade formulas. Chinese Medicine has been around a long time (1000’s of years).  A lot of these plants have been used again and again without problems., and most importantly have shown results.

The benefits of using these Chinese herbal formulas are that they typically have no side effects, which means people get better without feeling bad.  Another benefit is that many of these formulas are designed for chronic issues, the reason which people typically seek out Chinese medicine.

A problem would be the wrong formula. There are many 100’s of formulas and modifications.  The wrong formula won’t get results. This is why it’s important to seek out a knowledgeable practitioner.

The difference between Western Herbology and Chinese herbology is that Western herbology uses one herb for a condition while Chinese herbology uses formulas made up of 2 – 20 herbs, used as a combination. There many forms to take these herbs such as in a decoction where one cooks raw herbs and drinks the broth!  A lot of work, but it works well. Other forms are liquid tinctures, powders and pills, which are now very popular.

I am asked a lot, do they work. And after 18 years of practice, I must say, absolutely.  In many cases we are last chance medicine and by the time the patient makes it to our office, their condition can be very severe. When I see results for these cases, I become more confident in the efficacy of this medicine.

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