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Chinese Medicine helps Heart Disease

The fact that Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help heart disease is important for many people who are seeking relief and wanting to live a long and healthy life. Combined with lifestyle changes, Chinese medicine can make a big difference when it comes to heart health.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the heart is the “Emperor,” and its job is to govern the blood and house the mind. The fact that emotions play a part in an organ’s health can be significant for the diagnosis and management of heart disease. The emotion related to the heart is “Joy.” A happy state of mind is obviously beneficial to the mind and body. Therefore, either excessive Joy or lack of Joy can be the cause of some heart disease. Other emotions that can affect the heart are sadness and anger.

Sometimes it’s the lifestyle!

Many heart disease issues are caused by lifestyle choices. Eating the “Standard American Diet” can be very bad for the heart. The excess fats, sugars and preservatives can all affect our blood chemistry, which can affect the heart and its arteries. In addition, lack of movement or exercise can cause stagnation of blood flow, causing many types of heart and circulation issues.

There are about nine agreed-upon TCM diagnoses for heart disease: five from “deficiencies” and four from “excesses.” When a patient comes in to be examined by the Chinese Medicine doctor, this doctor will determine which TCM pattern the patient’s signs and symptoms fit, to define whether this is an excess or deficient condition and the specifics surrounding the heart issue, in order to decide on a course of treatment.

Many things go into the specific diagnosis for the patient, including lipid levels, other blood tests, blood pressure, diabetes, pulses, tongue, palpitations, discomfort, mental condition, and more.

Typically the courses of treatment for heart disease are based on the basics of health and adding the TCM to this. Way of eating is discussed and implemented. The TCM herbs and acupuncture are chosen to fit the pattern of disease. Courses of treatment may last from a few months to several years, depending on severity and the patient’s willingness to take on their health from the most basic choices.

The best way to get an understanding of where you and your heart stand with respect to if and how Chinese Medicine can help you is to schedule a free consultation with a practitioner who has some experience with this very common issue.

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