What does Chinese Medicine Treat?

Chinese Medicine works from the inside out.
Chronic and severe issues can be addressed coupled with keeping you well.

What does Chinese Medicine Treat?

Chinese Medicine is a natural medicine with long-term benefits for success in leading an active lifestyle.

Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system with more than 3,000 years of annotated, tested and repeated results of successfully helping people restore health.

At The Wellness Source we use Chinese Medicine to treat:

  • Chronic Conditions that have long names
  • People who are not sure what’s going on, but know something definitely is
  • Athletes, weekend warriors
  • Patients going through chemotherapy
  • People who are having side effects from medications
  • People who have been through the system and have not been helped
  • People who have new acute issues as well as those who’ve had their issues for many years

Chinese Medicine is safe and effective; it’s been studied for many thousands of years. Some examples of what Chinese Medicine can help are:

  • Chronic and Acute pain
  • Cardiac issues (a specialty of Bertram’s)
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Migraines / Headaches
  • Kidney issues
  • Joint issues
  • Allergies and Sinus problems
  • Women’s health issues

Also, we are able to help people who come in with complaints like these:

• “I just don’t feel good.”
• “I don’t have energy.”
• “My stomach doesn’t feel good.”

This is a small sample of maladies Chinese Medicine can treat, so don’t worry if you don’t see your particular health issue noted here. After more than 20 years of practice, Bertram Furman, LAc. has seen most health issues and has a good idea as to what could help.

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