What Techniques Do We Use?

There is an elegance to the art and science of Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system consisting of two main therapies and several ancillary therapies. Acupuncture and Chinese herbology are the main therapies, with cupping and Gua Sha used as ancillary therapies. For many people, Chinese Medicine is last chance medicine, where they finally get the help the need. Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years and is safe and effective. Here is some information about the techniques we use.

painless acupunctureAcupuncture

You’ve seen it. You’ve heard about it. Acupuncture is now an accepted medicine in the Western world. It is the science and art of placing fine needles or filaments into specific areas of the body, causing a reaction that builds or moves a person’s Qi. You are healthy when your Qi is balanced, abundant, and moving.

Chinese Herbology

acupuncture herbsThe Chinese have quantified and categorized an amazing number of plants that help and benefit us as humans — more than 400 plant-based substances. Just think of all the chemistry within plants and how they have helped us though the ages. The brilliant idea to combine these plant substances to produce an effect is truly amazing.

Bertram is awed everyday he creates a plant-based herbal formula for someone and sees the profound effects. The study of Chinese herbology is deep, intensive and at the core of many people’s path to health. For some areas, such as digestion, phlegm and emotions, using these herbal formulas can be more effective and safer then using a Western drug.

Many people use Chinese herbology because they can’t work with or tolerate the side effects of some pharmaceuticals. It’s part of our job as Chinese medical practitioners to understand and be up-to-date on which herbs interact with which drugs, to better help us understand how we can help you. We only use safe, tested products that are primarily from U.S. manufacturers.

cupping procedureCupping

Cupping is the art of placing suction to help bring blood flow to an area to soften and ease tension. It’s also good for lung congestion.


Gua Sha

Gua Sha in acupunctureGua Sha is an ancient scraping technique to bring blood flow to an area, causing muscular areas to soften. It’s also good for building the immune system and reducing liver inflammation.




Western Medicine Blood, Saliva and Stool Testing

These days, Chinese Medicine practitioners are skilled in giving physical exams and reading the results of blood, saliva and stool tests in order to better understand your condition.

Lifestyle Coaching

Cleansing and DetoxingWe understand the challenges some people face to be totally healthy. There are many ways we’re equipped to help you achieve the health success you are looking for.

Cleansing and Detoxing

There are many ways to do a cleanse or detox. Let us help you determine the most safe and effective ones for you.

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