Chronic & Acute Pain

Pain relief is one of most popular uses of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Acute injuries respond very well to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Whether it is an acute sprain, strain, bruise, or some new pain, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help by bringing more blood and Qi flow to the area to help it heal quickly. Acupuncture also helps the body release pain-relieving endorphins, which reduce your pain experience.

Helping professional and amateur athletes heal quickly and stay active has always been one of the strong points of this medicine.

While Western medicine is great with acute health situations such as broken bones, issues needing surgery, and bacterial infections, it’s not so helpful with long-term chronic issues. For many people with chronic pain, their only relief is opioids, prednisone or surgery, none of which is optimal for their health.

In addition, many people are sensitive to drugs and have difficulty with their side effects. There are no bad side effects with the use of acupuncture and very few with Chinese herbology, making them perfect for long-term use.

Chinese Medicine helps reduce the use of pain-relieving drugs and maybe even enable you to avoid a surgery. And, if surgery is necessary, Chinese Medicine can quicken your healing process.

“Sports injuries have been one of my specialties throughout the years, helping weekend ball players, golfers and soccer players get back on the court quicker.”
~ Bertram Furman. L.Ac.

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