Aging Gracefully

Chinese Medicine makes a perfect complement to aging gracefully.

It sneaks up slowly. Maybe it’s your hips. Your energy level. Not being able to do what you used to do. Or perhaps something comes on fast. Your heart. Your digestion. Or a health issue you weren’t prepared to face.

You’ve been though the tests. Maybe some Western interventions. And now… what?

Chinese Medicine is a way to help manage the chronic issues often encountered with aging. When pharmaceuticals aren’t doing the job, and you’re not ready for a surgical intervention, Chinese Medicine fills the gap. The philosophy and mechanisms of Chinese Medicine can help you age gracefully.

For some chronic aging issues, it may not be about fixing the problem, but about learning and finding therapies that help us manage and live with the issues to have a more fulfilled and joyful life.

What defines boomers is their quest for an active lifestyle. Chinese Medicine lends itself beautifully to living a healthy, natural and productive lifestyle.

While Western medicine is great with acute health situations such as broken bones, issues needing surgery, and bacterial infections, it is not so helpful with long-term chronic issues. Issues such as arthritis, myalgias and healing from surgeries. These are mostly managed with pharmaceuticals, which over the long-term can cause many other health issues and still leave the original issue unmanaged. Plus, many people are sensitive to pharmaceuticals and have difficulty with their side effects. There are no bad side effects associated with the use of acupuncture and very few with Chinese herbology, making them perfect for long-term use.

Another great place Chinese Medicine can be of help is post-surgical healing. At some time in life most of us will experience some type of surgery. As we get older, it becomes harder to recover from surgeries. Acupuncture helps bring more blood flow to the local areas of surgery and helps restore the body’s Qi balance, speeding the process of healing.

“As someone who had a six-way bypass in 2000 and an occluded carotid artery in 2012, I get what it’s like to have a serious health issue. I have been scared. Worried. I understand what it is like not to feel my best and have to get through the day. I believe my experience with these issues has made me a better doctor, with more compassion and empathy for people facing serious health issues.”
~ Bertram Furman, L.Ac.

“As a Boomer, I like to stay active. I enjoy gardening, hiking and overall, being outside. I have noticed that as I am aging, more health issues have been coming on board that have the potential to slow me down. The big question facing us all is how to stay healthy as we age to be able to keep doing what we want.”
~ Bertram Furman, L.Ac.

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