Internal Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system, treating everything from sprains and strains, colds and flus, to more chronic and difficult-to-define disorders.

What many people don’t realize is that Chinese Medicine was developed to help not only acute health problems, but chronic and debilitating health issues as well. This means the physicians of old needed to understand how the body worked and how to fix these tough health problems.

The systems of Chinese Medicine are deeply engulfed in the traditions of Chinese culture and are used today together with Western medicine. Even though the diagnostic terminology may be simple, the conditions treated using this template of medicine can be vast in scope and breadth.

Diseases of the body’s organ systems have been well mapped out within Chinese Medicine. There is an astounding amount of information that discusses disease and how to restore health within the annals of Chinese Medicine.

Today’s Chinese Medicine practitioners are skilled in the art and science of a physical exam. We provide Western testing with regard to blood, saliva and stools, and we read X-ray and MRI reports to help better understand your case. In addition, we often work with your Western doctor to come up with a complete treatment plan that supports you.

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