When you come in to see us at The Wellness Source in Hillcrest, San Diego for acupuncture as a worker’s compensation patient there are a few things that you should know.

To begin, you must start with a prescription for acupuncture from your treating physician. Then your doctor must submit that prescription for authorization by your worker’s compensation insurance company. Once the insurance company has authorized your treatment you may begin to see an acupuncturist. Your doctor will either recommend one for you or you can choose from a list of providers in your insurance’s provider network.

When we receive the authorization paperwork from your insurance company and the reports from your doctor we will call you to schedule your visits. Be prepared for your initial visit to be around an hour and a half, including paperwork which you will fill out when you arrive at our office. You will then have an intake and exam with Bertram and he will treat you for your issue. You will usually be seen either once or twice a week for the course of your treatment.

At the end of your treatment course Bertram will write a progress report to your physician and if more treatment is required your doctor will submit a request for more acupuncture.

If you have any questions regarding worker’s compensation treatments please contact our office.