Winter is comingWinter is coming! (Game of Thrones reference)

5 Healthy things you can do to prepare!


After the fall Equinox that just happened, we start our preparation for winter. Even though we live in San Diego and the weather does not get too cold, there is still change. With less light and a temperature change, our bodies sometimes need a boost to maintain a healthy immune system.

Chinese medicine dictates that we prepare for winter in the fall. We store foods, prepare our homes and put our winter plans in place.

“Winter is coming” might be interpreted as a reminder that flu season will soon be upon us.

qi 1We call the type of QI (body’s energy or life force) that protects us our “Wei” or “Protective” Qi. This special type of Qi radiates outside our body and protects us from pathogens getting in the house (our body).

Here are 5 suggestions to prepare for the coming of winter!

  1. Pick a weekend between now and November to put away your summer toys and clean your house. You might think that cleaning your house is only needed in spring, but cleaning your house for winter allows the Qi flow around you to not get stuck and attract pathogens. An open airy space is a healthy space.
  1. If you don’t get a flu shot, make sure your diet is on target and you stay rested. Don’t become exhausted allowing your Wei Qi to go weak. Start putting in practices that allow you the time to rest.
  1. Get a Neti pot. A Neti pot is one of the best devices to start using as soon as your nose starts to run. This keeps your nasal passages clean so the pathogens don’t find a place to rest.
  1. Hydrate. Add 2 glasses (16 oz / ½ liter / 500ml ) more water to your everyday amount. There is no better way to be prepared for winter than to be hydrated.
  1. Is your Wei Qi already low? Have you been having some summer colds? Are you not feeling as strong as you think you should? Then schedule some acupuncture now and let me tune your immune system and get you on some healthy herbs to prepare. Winter is coming and your Wei Qi needs to be strong!!!

Bonus suggestion! Check the air filter to your heater. Change if dirty! Do this now.

If you do get sick, don’t wait to schedule an acupuncture treatment. We can definitely slow or stop the pathogen from getting too deep into the house! Act fast and stay healthy.

And if the pathogen gets in your house, we will have the Chinese herbs you need to get well fast!

With your best health in mind!